A Weekend Getaway to Saxony (I): Oschatz

Weekend Getaway in Saxony, Oschatz

If you’ve been following on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I went on a little exploring weekend getaway to Saxony (Sachsen) not long ago.

A good friend of mine was getting married in the small city of Oschatz. Around since the Neolithic, Oschatz is known to have been one of the 10 biggest cities in Saxony back in the middle ages thanks to the rapid growth of its population due to the “industrial” wanderings in the region (or that’s what the sign by one of the town’s churches says!)

Oschatz, like many other small medieval towns in Germany, has managed to maintain its splendour and character throughout the years, and won’t stop to amaze you.

With history in every cornerstone and façade, Oschatz is one of those hidden gems I absolutely love discovering, specially if it’s on such a special occasion as a friend’s wedding!

We arrived late night on Friday after a cruising drive through the German plains…and past the old West/East DDR frontier point.

Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings

Our home for the weekend, the hotel Zum Schwan, which was a breath of fresh air after so many hostels lately.
Right in the middle of Oschatz, staffed by the nicest concierge I’ve ever met at a hotel, Zum Schawn is a traditional guesthouse dating back to 1458, with 42 beautifully decorated rooms in two buildings, a restaurant, and a party room that can be rented for special events. This 4-stars hotel lived up to my very high expectations after such a long wait. (Sorry guys I was too tired to take any pics when we arrived, but you can find some in their website)

For only (aprox.) 41.50€/night (p.p.) incl. breakfast buffet, its great price for value and a superb location for the short trip around Saxony, at just 60 km away from Leipzig (west) and Dresden (east).

Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we decided to explore Oschatz before getting ready for the wedding. Such a nice place, but I’ll let you see for yourself!

Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings
Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings
Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings
Weekend Getaway to Oschatz, Saxony || Wanderwings

Isn’t it just adorable? I would have loved to stay a bit more and explore the region but after a long and happy day, we went to sleep ready for the next part of our trip. But I’ll tell you more about it next time!

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