Bavarian Brunch in Bremen

It’s been a good few weeks and since we had so much to celebrate, we decided to go for brunch at the Hofbräuhaus in Bremen.

Bavarian colours: White and Blue
If the weather is nice you can sit in the Biergarten 🙂

The deal was incredible, all you can eat brunch buffet from 10AM to 3PM for only 12,90€ per person (drinks are not included tho). They offered all my favourite Bavarian delicacies, from Knödel, which are large round bread dumplings usually eaten with roasted pork and gravy, to the famous Münchner Weißwurst, Bavarian Kartoffelsalat (with vinegar instead of mayo) or Brezl. Unfortunately they didn’t have my all time favourite, Käsespätzle a delicious hand made pasta with mushroom sauce and caramelised onions. And all watered down with one of the wonderfully refreshing Bavarian Hofbräu Beers, Apfelschorle, or German wines.

Main dishes
Deserts and cakes

 After seeing the amazing variety of deliciousness that they offered, we couldn’t resist but to try at least a bit of as much as we could, leaving us full for a whole day. Oh so worth it 🙂


We started by ordering our drinks, then proceeded to visit the buffet area and fill our plates with wonderfully cooked food.

Weißwirst, Kartoffelsalat, Rauchen schinken, brotchen…


Knödl mit braten Fleisch

Plus some bacon and eggs 🙂
Schokoladepudding with Vanillepudding
Doughnut and Almond cake

 After all the food we could barely walk of how full we were but we still managed to combine this wonderful brunch with a nice shopping afternoon, and some frozen yogurt a couple hours later.

 So, what is your favourite part of a Sunday? Do you do brunch?? 🙂

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    Saturday September 7th, 2013 at 05:59 PM

    I made Swedish Pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup. It was nummy-rific!
    Good luck tomorrow as you start your internship!!! I know it will go well.
    I went to the HBH in Munich when I was a kid and LOVED it! Ah, I ordered the 1/2 chicken plate every night and some strange mixed drink. Yummers.

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    Iinear G
    Saturday September 7th, 2013 at 06:01 PM

    WOw hun that sounds A-mazing!! 😀 i want some now!!!
    oh cola and orange lemonade?? it's so typical!! ^^ I loooooove Munich, such a great city. I hope to move there eventually, or at least work there and live close by 🙂

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