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Best Roadtrip Playlist 2015 ||

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a baby. Not only have I been a live music photographer for the best part of the past six years, and have I been an avid concert goer since relatively young, but I also was in the school choir growing up. Some even say it goes as far back as learning to talk by “singing” Edith Piaf’s “Padam Padam” while on the car. Oh the importance of putting together a memorable roadtrip playlist…!

But I guess I’m not the only one. I mean, who hasn’t fallen in love with a song and put it on repeat until it lost all its meaning, or felt a connection with the latests hits cos they “tell your story”? Even animals are affected by the power of music. After all Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast.” Research has shown that caws that listen to soft instrumental music produce significantly more milk than those who don’t.

And let’s not forget the most common exaple of them all, how a film soundtrack can bring you in or lose you completely. Why should your roadtrip be treated any differently than a film when it comes to music? After all, your playlist will be the soundtrack of your adventures, so consider carefully, and pick the right music. The roadtrip playlist you put together will become a part of you, every time you listen to a particular song that was playing while driving by that awesome place, it will take you back to that moment. Music is the closest thing to magic we have. Music and our wonderful brains’ association skills! Listening to those songs will trigger your memories. Make sure your roadtrip playlist is as epic as your trip, because the music you pick can make or brake the mood.

With our impending trip (LINK) rapidly approaching I set myself to create our ultimate roadtrip playlist. I sat in my computer a couple hours with Spotify as my sole companion. I searched, listened, and added or discarded as I went along. If a song brought the right emotions it was in, if not…ciao! Here’s our ultimate Spain Roadtrip Playlist. What would you add in yours? What sort of emotions must evoke your ideal roadtrip music?

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