3 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy the Perfect Egg Dish

A few days ago I had a break from my (of late) crazy routine.

I get bored easily if I don’t have something to do, so after much thinking I decided to put hands to work and try to master the art of poaching eggs.

I had been craving those beauties for a very long time but so far didn’t get the nerve to try  my hand at it. Until now! And I did relatively well for my first attempt, as you may have seen on Instagram.

poached eggs

Na na na, guess who’s gonna go on a degglicious adventure? ME, Me,me!

So to get started, these are my three all-time favourite ways of enjoying a good egg dish:

Eggs Benedict

Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe
For the special occasion, or simply cos (now) you can. The delicacy of the poached egg combined with the robustness of the bacon and the support of the English muffin, all bathed on that creamy Hollandaise sauce…It’s making my mouth water just to think about it. And I’m gonna tell you how to make these beauties from the comfort of your home.

You’ll need:

  • Eggs (as many as people you have to feed)
  • Bacon slices (apx. two per person)
  • Hollandaise sauce (home made if you can, pre-made if like me you’re still working on it)
  • English muffins
  • Butter
  • Water & 2 tbsp white vinegar
Half-fill a deep pan with water, add the 2tbsp vinegar, and set to medium power until the water starts to lightly shimmer. 
Pre-crack the eggs in small bowls to be prepared, and as soon as the water is ready, start to gently lay them in (if preparing more than one egg do it clockwise so you know which one will be done first). 
When finished, cover the pan, turn the heat off and let it cook for about 4 minutes (I’d recommend a bit less for the perfect runny egg yolk). 
Remove from the water and place on top of the bacon, on the toasted and buttered English muffin.
Dress it up with a spoonfull of hollandaise sauce and you’re ready to jump in head first! or maybe that’s just me, but can you blame me? Look at this beauty
Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe
Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe
Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe
Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe
Very simple Eggs Benedict recipe

who could resist it? Not me. You either? I thought so…go get yourself some! 
Or no, not yet, better wait because the eggfest hasn’t finished yet πŸ˜‰ keep drooling my friend with some…
Dippy eggs (a.k.a. soft-boiled eggs)

That runny egg yolk is the perfect partner to those barely toasted delicious bread sticks. Who doesn’t love a good egg dip? It’s simple but so much fun and nutritious.

Dippy eggs
All you need for these bad boys are:
  • Eggs (one per person)
  • Toasted and striped (and I don’t mean naked πŸ˜‰ don’t be cheeky, it’s just bread)
  • Oh wait, that’s it!
The process is the same as for hard-boiled eggs, but instead of the usual cooking time of 10 minutes you leave it in only for 5-7 (depending on how runny you like your eggs). Cool it down, serve it with the bread sentinels, and literally, dip in!
Dippy Eggs
Dippy Eggs
And last but not least, I present to you the mother-load of all egg dishes, the…*drum roll*…

Cuban-style rice

I know what you may be thinking. What does rice have to do with eggs? Well easy peasy my dearest, this delicious dish wouldn’t be complete without a sunny-side-up fried egg.
It is a very popular dish in the Spanish-speaking countries around the world that consists of rice with a sweetish tomato sauce, a sunny-side up egg and grilled (or fried) bananas. The art of mixing flavours, and textures has been mastered my friends…doesn’t get much better than this!

Cuban-style rice
Cuban-style rice
Cuban-style rice
Cuban-style rice
Cuban-style rice

What is your favourite way to enjoy the wonderfulness of the egg?

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