Welcome to Wanderwings!

brunette in front of a mountain

I’m Henar (pronounced like “NR”), the lens and tip tap typing hands behind this site. Born in Spain I’ve been travelling pretty much all my life (with my family) and solo since the tender age of 15! In 2009 I packed my bags and moved to Scotland, fast forward 11 years and a few other countries, I landed in beautiful Munich, where I currently live.

Not a digital nomad, but a (serial) expat-immigrant, with a visual heart and restless feet. I always loved exploring new places and coming in contact with new fascinating cultures. During all those years on the road I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of taking things as they come, to make more conscious decisions and simply travel more sustainably.

Wanderwings is the result of my dreams of some day working for myself and the many years I’ve spent on the road. One of the things I’ve come to realise, especially since moving to Bavaria, is how many people go places just for a day or two, often on a guided tour on their way somewhere, do the exact same things and leave without truly stopping to see what the place they are visiting really has to offer, and how many locals take their hometowns for granted!

I would like this to change. I want this space to be a resource for all things Bavaria & beyond for those with a slow travel heart local and visitors alike. A place to encourage everyone to take their time to explore one day at a time, to travel more consciously and sustainably, to leave the car at home as much as possible.

It should be a community for the wandering soul with a passion for the small big details that make the day-to-day the biggest adventure of them all.

If you ever feel like getting in touch, drop me a line at henar[at]wanderwings[dot]com and/or if you would like to work with me, you can check the Work with Me Page for more information.

And for more of a behind-the-scenes kind of content, you can follow my Bavarian & beyond (miss)adventures and micro-escapades on Instagram and join the conversation on Facebook.