Welcome to Wanderwings!

I’m Henar, the lens and tip tap typing hands behind this site. Not a digital nomad, but a (serial) expat-immigrant, with a visual heart and restless feet since childhood. I loved exploring new places and coming in contact with new fascinating cultures since a very young age. It was only a matter of time until the day I’d finally take the plunge and become a (freelance) travel and lifestyle photographer and content creator, don’t you think?

Nothing brings me more joy than a shot that comes together or the feeling of take-off. My ultimate goal in life, besides learning as many languages as possible (Maori you’re next) and seeing my photographs published by National Geographic, is to share the beauty of travel with the world. Oh, and I loves snickerdoodles!

Wanderwings is the result of my dreams and the many years I’ve spent on the road. One warm summer evening in my new home in Germany I decided it was about time to share with the world what I’d learnt all those years on the go. A travel and lifestyle community for the wandering soul with a passion for the small big details that make the day-to-day the biggest adventure of them all.

If you ever feel like getting in touch, drop me a line at henar[at]wanderwings[dot]com and/or if you would like to work with me, you can check the Work with Me Page for more information.

Wanderwings in Venice, California