Amazing Short Vacation on a Budget

During the past few weeks, as I may have mentioned previously, I have been trying to live by the above motto. I have been trying to say yes to everything, because as my mum wisely says, there’s always time to say no later on if necessary.
So following that (almost) new lifestyle of mine, I embarked myself in a new adventure. This time I decided to visit a good friend of mine in the Netherlands, and that way take a short vacation (which I haven’t done since around 2005, it was about time!).
As I am currently on a tight budget due to my recent-grad-unemployed-yet-seeking status, I did a quick search to find out which would be the best way to get to Groningen (NL) from Bremen (DE).
From A to B it takes approx. 2 to 2.5 hours (180Kms)
After asking Mr. Google, I came across this budget bus company called PublicExpress, which would take me there and back for something like 18€. Amazing!
So having sorted out transport and accommodation (I have awesome friends who take me into their homes ^^ but if you are planning a trip some place where you don’t know anyone and don’t want to spend a fortune in Hotels or Hostels, Couchsurfing is a wonderful alternative and a great way to meet likeminded people), I embarked on this new adventure!
The best way to keep the rest of the trip within reasonable expenses is to try to cook your own meals rather than eat out; also, to look out for free events (most places have incredible stuff going on regularly for free) and if you are a student to ask for student discounts, because if you are lucky enough to still be a student it can save you up to 50%! But over all, just be reasonable, after all it is very hard to use money you don’t have right??
Either way, with or without a budget, the most important part of any trip is to enjoy it and experience new things. So, remember to say yes 😀

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