Auctions & Mimosas at the Palais Dorotheum

On our second day, after much discussing, we decided to visit the famous auctions house Dorotheum. I had never been and apparently the building on its own is already worth the trip. It’s a hidden gem, they said. And I have to admit, they were absolutely right!

As we strolled around from room to room, from jewelry to tapestries to furniture and art pieces, every step we’d be surprised by finding something even more fascinating and unexpected, a Hundertwasser piece anyone??

After a while we ran into an ongoing furniture auction. Champagne, Perrier, and Mimosas were being served by a chatty waiter and the auction masters were about to start, so of course, we joined in!

Palais Dorotheum Vienna
Palais Dorotheum Vienna

The most interesting pieces of furniture were being auctioned. A 75000€ 18th century Gothic style oak closet, row after row of theater seats, a swing from a flying chair attraction, among many other rarities.

Lucky us huh? It was definitely quite the nice surprise. But it was getting late and stomachs were growling so we headed out for a Bratwurst by the Albertina Museum, which at the moment (and until the 11th of January) is hosting a Miró exhibition for you (surrealist) art lovers of the world.
Our stall of choice was the Bitzinger Würstelstand, a sausage place apparently famous for appearing on a TV show. Nothing special but good enough for a snack on the go.

Anyhow, after satiating our tummies we slowly headed back to rest and get ready for our typical Austrian food dinner at the selected Heuriger.

A visit to Vienna requires a visit to your favourite Heuriger.

Every time I visit, I end up at the Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner (Grinzinger Straße 53, 1190 Vienna, and you can reserve HERE) which serves a richly, freshly cooked typical Austrian buffet meal (including the famous Schnitzel!) with a side of the most delicious fruity wines (I love a fruity white!). If you come in summer, make sure to sit out in the garden, it is beautiful.

This time, however, we went to a different one, and as it was cooling down we sat in the hall. Music was playing and a big travel group was merrily dancing and singing along. We were at Heuriger Maly (Sandgasse 8, 1190 Wien, Austria, and you  can reserve HERE).

While in a Heuriger you should try the Sturm (Federweisser in Germany, Mosto in Spain), which is a grape wine still in the process of fermentation. And let me tell you, deeelicious!

I’m sorry I have no images but you can find many on the Internet, or simply go there and see for yourself. It’s a must-have experience while in Vienna.

The brought to our table a mixed platter with a bit of everything to try. And after filling ourselves till we couldn’t move anymore on delicious food and cold drinks, we headed back to sleep and recover for our little hiking trip to Kahlenberg the next day. But more about that tomorrow, ok? It’s a date!


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