Baeza (Spain), A Historic Jewel by the Guadalquivir

After a wonderful day in Cuenca, we set sail towards our next stop along our southern Spain road trip, Baeza. A wee city in the Andalusian province of Jaén, surrounded by soft hills covered by an ocean of olive groves, driving in felt like a jump in time. To be a few centuries back in an Epoque of splendour and power.

Baeza (Spain) a UNESCO World Heritage site

Quiet streets and golden cobblestone where art and history meet, while cheerful locals greet the new day. A city of many cultures, in Baeza we were happy witnesses to the wonders of time and history. Every culture that ever set foot in the region throughout the centuries has left its mark. Be it a necropolis from the first bronze age, which marks the first funding of this glorious city, Iberian, Roman, Visigothic, or Arabic architecture wonders, all have made Baeza the jewel that it is today.

Baeza (Spain) a UNESCO World Heritage site

But, it wasn’t until the 16th century that renaissance brought Baeza to its moment of maximum splendour. Thanks to the quality (and quantity) of the region’s agricultural and industrial production, as well as its livestock breeding, Baeza grew rapidly. With this rapid increase in its population came artistic and cultural richness, that soon shone in the shape of majestic new public and administrative buildings. So much so, that even the (now former) city jail rivals in architectonic beauty with all other buildings.

Baeza (Spain) a UNESCO World Heritage site
Baeza (Spain) a UNESCO World Heritage site
Baeza (Spain) a UNESCO World Heritage site

Definitely, a sight worth seeing, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Baeza, and its equally stunning neighbour Úbeda, were added Unesco World Heritage sites list in 2003.

Hotel Campos de Baeza (Baeza, Spain)

During our stay in Baeza, we slept at the majestic hotel Campos de Baeza. In the city’s border and a few minutes walk from the main sights, this beautiful four-star hotel was a hit.
The modern and elegant rooms are spacious and deliciously decorated with everything you may possibly need during your time in Baeza.

You can request top-floor rooms with private (small) balconies overlooking the fields, which I would highly recommend as it is a view you won’t easily forget. The welcoming staff and the hearty continental breakfast buffet (incl.) were just the cherry on top. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived in Baeza the rooftop terrace and pool were already closed but I’m sure in the hot Andalusian summer nights it can only improve your experience. I will surely be staying here again next time I visit the beautiful city of Baeza.

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