Where to take the best photos of Madrid

As you may (or may not) know, I’m a photographer on the side. Music, portraits, food…whatever comes my way I enjoy giving it a try. For that reason, when I was home, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the situation and organise a photo shoot with my very extremely beautiful and gifted cousin. She has an incredible talent to make things look stunning, almost without trying. No surprise there when she decided she wanted to work in something related to styling and decor for the media (a.k.a. Film and TV)!
So with no further ado, here I leave you with a preview of what came out of our day around the city, carrying a suitcase full of clothes, and the best attitude!
Fashion Photoshoot in Madrid
Fashion Photoshoot in Madrid
We are so lucky, this city is a gem when it comes to locations. All we had to do was simply choose a point of origin we liked to meet (Templo de Debod) and just walk from there towards the center stopping any time we liked an area.
Locations for the Best photos of Madrid

Parks and gardens are always a great option, specially if it’s sunny, and Madrid happens to have plenty of those, among which Jardines de Sabatini is a rather stunning one. Brick walls, fountains, labyrinth-like areas…perfect to use as backgrounds, backdrops, and complement whatever your model is wearing!

Locations for the Best photos of Madrid

But if what you are looking is for that concrete-jungle look, right up the street from Opera you’ll find Plaza de Santo Domingo, perfect for that sort of concept.

Ok, so you already have some more traditional looks, now what?

Well, whether you happen to be a super-duper-cool club honorary member or just want a different approach to your photo shoot’s style, I’d highly recommend checking out one of the maaaaany rooftops in the city.

We went from the Hotel Vinci’s in Gran Via. Windy but quiet on winter days, and the views are simply breath-taking!

Locations for the Best photos of Madrid
Locations for the Best photos of Madrid

And the glass and mirror inside is also pretty amazing if you want something a bit cozier!

Locations for the Best photos of Madrid

The photoshoot is over, and after such a loooooooong day of fun, walking around, and working hard (yes yes working hard and having fun can and go well together!), you’ve earned some awesome refueling, haven’t you?

For that, I can’t recommend enough the neighboring Bodegilla Los Rotos (or more commonly known by the locals as “Los Rotos”). They serve wonderful mollejas for about 3 € that will leave you completely satiated and feeling wonderful.

They are located on Calle de las Huertas 74, easy to reach by foot from Banco de España and Puerta del Sol. You can find them on Facebook.

So guys, hope you enjoyed this not-so-typical post. Where would you do a photoshoot if you could pick a place in the world? Let me know down in the comments section below 🙂 can’t wait to hear from you guys!

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