Botanika’s Flowers’ Market

I never thought there would ever be a better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than taking a stroll around a beautiful park. But wait, that changed the day we went to Rhododendron Park to walk around the Botanischer Frühling-Pflanzenmarkt (a flowers and general gardening flea market). Beautiful colors popping everywhere, embracing smells, and unlucky for me, allergies too! but it was all worth it. Somehow, Bremen seems to be full of amazing flea markets every weekend, and I’m glad I have the time to go discover them from time to time. Here is a photographic impression of our visit! 
sign at the entrance of the flowers' market advertising herbs of the best quiality

All sorts of herbs


Hand-made garden decor

 The honey-roasted sunflower seeds (along with banana chips) is something I’ll have to recreate at home in the next few weeks once the moving is done! Such a sweet-salty delicacy, perfect as snack! These were one among many different herb mixes, dried fruits, and seasoned/roasted nuts one could find at the market.

Now I wish I had a garden…any givers?? ^^

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