California Road Trip (Vol. V): Walking shenanigans in San Francisco

As you probably know by now, I love walking around cities. There’s no better way to explore. So of course San Francisco wasn’t going to be an exception. Following last time’s impressions of San Francisco, I present to you part II. Where did we leave it? Ah yes, we were strolling along Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf and the Marina. Oh and admiring the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from the small hidden Jack Early park. All easy peasy.

Alcatraz from Jack Early Park (San Francisco) | California Fishermans Wharf (San Francisco) | Wanderwings Fishermans Wharf (San Francisco) | Wanderwings Golden Gate Bridge from Marina Green (San Francisco) | California

However, on my last day in San Francisco I ambarked on a walking shenanigan through the city. Henar vs. San Francisco feat. Twin Peaks, Ocean Beach, the Golden Gate Park and a lot more walking in between. Northern California in all its glory through my eyes! I even managed to get lost in Golden Gate Park!

It all started on a warm sunny day,  I fitted myself in a comfy dress and my best walking sandals, and headed out the door. Oh how I’d regreted my fashion choice about 10 hours later!

Anyhow, I directed myself towards Twin Peaks through Market St.

Market St. on market day (San Francisco) | wanderwings

Why Twin Peaks will you ask. Back in the early 90s there was a TV series called Twin Peaks by David Lynch. My Dad loved it so I just had to visit Twin Peaks. It is not the same one as in the series but hey, call it a weird connection to home while on the road.

Twin Peaks (San Francisco) | Wanderwings

The way up the Peaks was long and windy, but the views from up there were pair to none. On one side Downtown San Francisco, on the other the Pacific at its best. After wandering around a little, I took on the next leg of my walking adventure. I headed down the opposite side to the Sunset District towards the San Francisco Zoo and the amazing, but oh so grey already, Ocean beach.

Ocean Beach (San Francisco) | California Ocean Beach (San Francisco) | California

From sunny top of Twin Peaks to a grey and wild Ocean beach, as you can imagine I was starting to regret my aforementioned outfit choice. But by then I was so deep in that I wouldn’t have given up for anything in the world.

I walked along the beach to the Cliff House and Camera Obscura, before hitting Point Lobos and the USS San Francisco Memorial. From there I headed to Lands End, an uber beautiful trail, and if you have time you can reach from there the Golden Gate Bridge.

Camara Obscura (San Francisco) | Wanderwings

Although I have to admit I got completely lost. As an exception I decided to take the first bus I could find towards town. I got lost once again by stepping out in the wrong stop. Back almost where I started, in the Sunset District end of Golden Gate Park. However, to make up for my clumpsy badk luck, I stumbled upon the Japanese Gardens, which are incredible.

Then, I learnt why San Francisco is also the “Fog City”, as a thick cold fog started creeping in on me. Coooold!

Japanese Garden at the Golden Gate park (San Francisco) | Wanderwings Golden Gate park (San Francisco) | Wanderwings

In spite of my misplacement earlier, I finally managed to find the right way to town (thank goodness for my super orientation skills!) through the park. Once I found Oak St. and the Panhandle, I finally managed to catch a bus that would bring me back to the hostel and a warm jacket, by this point it was so cold and windy I could barely feel my body any more. So kids, when in San Francisco, always take a jacket with you, the weather is craaaazy!

Anyway that was my story about how I found out why San Francisco is also known as the “Fog City”, the hard way. Also, can anyone tell me if the Giant Noodle is still to this day in Fisherman’s Wharf?? and no less important, what are your favourite spots along the California coast? Any tips for my next adventure out there?? Leave me a comment below so I can prep my Tavel bucket list.

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