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  • Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

    Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

    Sunday was once again one of those days. Woke up, brunched as the snow started to fall (ridiculously tiny amount but still, SNOW!). Just like any other Sunday, except for the…

  • Schmalzkuchen at the Bremer Freimarkt

    The Bremer Freimarkt in 21 Images

    [:en]If you remember, last year I told you all about theĀ Bremer Freimarkt. To spice things up a little, this year I decided to show you the Freimarkt instead. So, a photo…

  • 3 Places to Visit in Fulda (Germany)

    After a wonderful week of exploring the magnificent city of Vienna, spending an afternoon surrounded by colourful butterflies, enjoying some delicious mimosas, let loose and surround ourselves with peaceful nature and great Austrian food, feeling…