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  • Instagrammable_spots_Rotterdam_wanderwings

    5 Amazing Instagrammable Spots in Rotterdam

    There are many instagrammable spots in Rotterdam. During World War II it got completely destroyed, which meant that when reconstruction time came, they had a clean slate. This resulted in big…

  • Cafes Workspace in Madrid || Wanderwings

    5 Quirky Cafe Workspace in Madrid

    Sometimes it may be tricky to find a nice place with WiFi to work from while on the road or as a creative freelancer. There’s always something. Whether it’s the lack…

  • The Burger Lab (Hamburg) || Wanderwings

    Hamburgering in Hamburg: The Burger Lab

    While working in Hamburg a few months back, I heard about this little burger place in the Schanzenviertel (the place to be in Hamburg). Needless to say, I’ve wanted to try…

  • Best Food Markets in Madrid: Mercado de San Ildefonso |

    Why el Mercado de San Ildefonso is the Place to Be

    Farmers’ Markets are an ever-growing trend among social butterflies, local food lovers and travellers alike. They aren’t only a great place to buy fresh high-quality (mostly local) produce, but they’ve also…

  • Patio de los Naranjos in beautiful Córdoba (Spain) is a great place to chill ar go to read

    Visiting the Mosque of Cordoba

    Our last night on the road. Mixed feelings in the air. Sad because our adventure was coming to an end, but tremendously excited because we would finally visit the Mosque of…

  • Hostal & Backpackers Osio de Cordoba (Spain) || Wanderwings

    Hostal & Backpackers Osio de Córdoba

    [:en]After a wonderful time in Ronda, our trip was rapidly approaching its end line. Córdoba was our last stop before heading back north to Madrid. We wanted to end our 8 amazing…