Cheap Ways to Travel in Germany

Since 2012 when I lived for the fisrt time in Germany and today I’ve learnt a few tricks on how to find the most affordable ways of exploring this wonderful country (note that some of these can also be applied to other countries, just need to do a bit of research).

Cheap ways to travel in Germany
Germany is quite expensive when it comes to traveling within its borders. Whether it is a one hour or ten hour train ride you can expect to pay at least 30€ per person (Bremen – Hamburg 1h 10min = 24,30€), unless you make use of one of these *magic* tricks I’ll show you:

Länder- and Quer-durchs-Land-Tickets

With the Länder-ticket you can travel without any limitation in all regional trains and public transport in each of the Bundesländer for 23€/day the first person (+ 4€ per person each aditional traveler up to 5 people traveling together), and with the Quer-durchs-Land-ticket throughout the whole Germany for 44€/day (+ 8€ each additional traveler up to 5) within the day of purchase. 
These are best for group travel as they get cheaper as the group gets bigger (up to a max. of 5 people). But no fear, if you are a solo traveler, don’t hesitate to ask around at the train station, chances are there will be more people looking to share. We did it in Lindau to get back to Munich and found a couple other people to come along! 
On the other hand, if you want to plan in advance, you can always post an offer on and look for people also traveling the same day and the same direction as you.
The Länder-ticket includes only the specific region you purchased it on (with the exception of Bremen, Berlin, and Hamburg which are included in other regions for its small size) and is valid from 9 AM to 3AM the next day on week days, and midnight to 3 AM on weekends.
These can be booked online on or directly at the train station (at the machines will be free of charge, if you buy it from a booking counter they’ll charge you for the service)


During the past couple years and due to a change in the German regulations, regional and intercity bus companies have exponentially grown. With competitive fares of as little as 1€ and about the same traveling time as trains (they save time by stopping in less places), have made of buses a very affordable and quite comfortable way of traveling around Germany. 
Downside, may not be the most comfortable, but there’s free wifi in most of them which is something trains in Germany lack.
Recently I took a Flixbus bus to Berlin and back, it took about 4 hours and we had no issue whatsoever!

Car Pooling

With the amount of people living in this planet, and the amount of cars we drive, there’s no surprise the recent increase of car pooling users, specially in Europe where people drive around quite a lot and prices are so high.
Germany is no stranger to this trend and has its fair share of car pool searching websites, including the international blablacar and mitfahrgelegenheit (mentioned above). For a few Euros you get where you want to go and meet new interesting people, plus german Autobahn anyone, a lot faster too!
In conclusion, you have no excuse not to start exploring Germany even if you don’t have a car or a lot of money! Oh and before I forget, I’m going to give you one last tip that will make your budget-travel-around-Germany-planning a tad easier. Through this ONE website which I use every time, you can search and compare all bus, car sharing, and train tickets on offer to find the cheapest option! And no, it is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing tips that make life! 


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    Isabel @ TheSunnySideofThis
    May 11, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks for the recommendations. Given that Slovenia is so close for Germany, I do appreciate reading these tips by locals. Thanks!!

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    Emily of Em Busy Living
    May 12, 2015 at 3:21 am

    The info about the Länder-ticket is soooo good to know! I don’t have any current plans to visit Germany but I’m pinning this for when I do!

    • Reply
      Henar -
      May 17, 2015 at 11:25 am

      Emily I’m really really glad to hear you found that informative! Those are the things i myself have found the most useful aswell since moving to Germany 😀 Hope when you do vist Germany, you have the best time ^^

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