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  • Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings

    Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid

    Smoothie bowls, juices, frapês, smoothies, brain shots, fresh salads, even eco-cocktails. Whatever it is you are looking for, Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid has you covered. And not just that but, Rawcoco…

  • Lanzarote Wine Tasting at Bodegas el Grifo (Spain) || Wanderwings

    Lanzarote Wine Tasting at Bodegas el Grifo

    Lanzarote is an island of many wonders. Built around its volcanic landscape, its raw beauty captures the visitors from moment one. To the already widespread known and before mentioned highlights, it…

  • Things to do in Lanzarote || Wanderwings

    How to Make the Most of a Week in Lanzarote

    As you’ve probably seen if you follow me on social media (Instagram | Twitter | Facebook) you’ve probably seen that I recently spent a week exploring the stunning island of Lanzarote. I only had a week,…

  • Patio de los Naranjos in beautiful Córdoba (Spain) is a great place to chill ar go to read

    Visiting the Mosque of Cordoba

    Our last night on the road. Mixed feelings in the air. Sad because our adventure was coming to an end, but tremendously excited because we would finally visit the Mosque of…

  • Hostal & Backpackers Osio de Cordoba (Spain) || Wanderwings

    Hostal & Backpackers Osio de Córdoba

    [:en]After a wonderful time in Ronda, our trip was rapidly approaching its end line. Córdoba was our last stop before heading back north to Madrid. We wanted to end our 8 amazing…

  • Ronda (Spain), a hidden gem in the Málaga region || Wanderwings

    4 Things you Must See in Ronda (Spain)

    Ronda (Spain) is one of those small cities you may or may not have heard of before your trip to Spain. If you are a literature fan, you may have heard…