Where to Eat the Best (Honest) Burgers in London

On my many times in London, I had never noticed how many wonderful burger places the British capital has. Every street has at least one or two (if not more) to choose from. Which is wonderful, because, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like burgers? Me neither!

Chicken, beef, veggie, there’s one for everyone. That being said, the burger fan I am was great thrilled to find that out. The only problem was that, with so many mouth-watering options on offer, how are we supposed to choose? Well, in my life I’ve met people who choose depending on images, price, location, to name a few. We went for the one with the simplest name. And that was “Honest Burgers“.

Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings

Besides the simple name, Honest Burgers also has a relatively simple menu. Beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers. Each includes a side of their deliciously perfect rosemary salted fries. Additionally, they offer three other side dishes (BBQ chicken wings, onion rings, apple-beetroot-red cabbage-coleslaw) and a house dressed green salad. And let’s not forget their incredible home made lemonades!
But don’t let the simplicity of their menu fool you. Having such a limited menu, has allowed Honest Burgers to come close to perfecting their food. As well as being able to offer produce of the highest quality. Free range chickens and A-class British beef patties are some of their pride and joy. Plus they have a gluten-free option. You won’t even notice the difference.

Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings

We tried their house burguer, called the “honest”, and their chicken option. Of course, along with their staple rosmary salted fries, and the mint lemonade. However, we didn’t try the desserts. Maybe next time.

Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings

All in all a very pleasant experience. The quick and friendly service, the relaxed atmosphere, the perfectly cooked burgers and the best lemonade I’ve ever tasted made for the perfect celebratory lunch.

Honest Burgers has many locations throughout London (Find a list of their locations here). So, whether you are looking for a place to celebrate a successful week like us, a place for a lunch meeting or simply an easy yet stylish place to eat while exploring the city, chances are you’ll have a Honest Burgers restaurant close by.

Honest Burgers (London) | Wanderwings

And for dessert, why not search for a Hummingbird Bakery close by, like we did? You won’t regret it! I can highly recommend their red velvet cupcakes (You may have seen these on my Instagram). Or the rainbow cake we ate…that was darn good too!

Hummnigbird Bakery (London) | Wanderwings Hummnigbird Bakery (London) | Wanderwings

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