How to Geotag your Instagram Images from Anywhere in the World

Instagram is one of my favorite social media channels. I can spend hours searching through the millions of stunning images. Inspiring travel bloggers setting off to far away colorful lands, foodies displaying mouthwatering dishes from all over the world, fashionistas showing off the latest fashion and interior design trends…all can be found in this wonderful platform.

I also love sharing my two cents hoping to inspire others the way I have been inspired. Though, so far I’ve been facing one problem again and again. I couldn’t seem to be able to geotag my photos once I was no longer in the place. That for a WiFi-dependent traveler like me feels a bit like a slap on the face to be honest. So, I turned to my good ol’ pal Mr. Google for help. After many hours of research, even more hours of trial-and-error testing of different ways to geotag instagram images, and hitting many frustrating iPhone-only walls, I am happy to finally announce that I found two foolproof ways for Android users too! Now you can also geotag yInstagram images from anywhere in the world. How? Keep on reading for two easy-peasy ways.

How to Geotag Your Instagram Images from a different location than where they were taken

Option 1: 

For all your future photos. Go to your camera and turn the geotagging option on. If your image is geotagged directly when it’s captured, you’ll usually have the option to tag it in the right location later on on Instagram, even long after you already left the location.

Option 2:

For all those throwback photos from your old camera without geotagging, or modified images without EXIF information.

All you need is your Android Phone and the completely free Photo Editor (Kerodoko for iOS users) app.

Once installed you open the chosen photo in the Photo Editor app, and go to the upper right corner to the download arrow. There you will find the option to Add/Modify/Delete the EXIF data of your image. The geotagging data can be then added here, and then simply overwrite the file and you’re ready to go!

In both cases you have to make sure that your editing app (I use VSCOcam) doesn’t remove your images’ EXIF data, or all your hard work will be deleted as quickly as it came.

Now you can take beautiful photos and enjoy your trips without a worry in your mind, then tag all those breathtaking shots from the comfort of your bed, or the lovely café around the corner, and all completely for free (except for the coffee and the muffin on your table of course!). Do you know any other ways to do this? What is your biggest Social Media pet peeve or unresolved issue? Please share down in the comments below, can’t wait to read all about it. Maybe we can help each other!

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