KunstHausWien – Museum Hundertwasser

On our last day in Vienna we decided we couldn’t leave without at least visiting one museum.

Our destination of choice, The KunstHausWien – Museum Hundertwasser.

Follow me into the fascinating world of Hundertwasser.

KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser

Who was he?

Well, he was Friedensreich (Regentag Dunkelbunt) Hundertwasser, one of the most renowned contemporary Viennese artists and architects. With many countries under his belt and an utopian dream for the world, Hundertwasser searched for beauty in his own terms, the terms of nature. Seeking to live as close to nature as humanly possible, he bought a massive piece of land in the “Kaurinui” valley of New Zealand, where he designed his famous “bottle house” and tried for the first time his grass roof. There he could live self-sufficiently through the use of solar panels, a water wheel and a biological water purification plant.

Besides multi-modal art and Gaudian architecture, Hundertwasser also designed flags and stamps among many other fascinating things.

If you want to learn more about him and find yourself in Vienna, pay a visit to the KunstHausWien (which is located on a building also designed by him) where they are showing some of his wonderful work. Photographing was absolutely prohibited in the exhibition hall but I got a few shot of the building for you…

KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser
KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser
KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser
KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser
KunstHausWien - Museum Hundertwasser

The KunstHausWien is open daily from 10 to 19 and can be easily reached with the tram 1 direction “Prater Hauptallee” from Schwedenplatz.

Besides the permanent Hundertwasser exhibition they host a wide range of other interesting temporary shows.

After a nice walk around we headed back to eat and pack, we will be leaving soon…but that’s nother story that I’ll tell you about tomorrow kids, time for bed!


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