Party InStyle…(& H&M) in Hamburg

A few weeks back we finally received our long waited for invitation to the InStyle & H&M Pre-Shopping Party #hmstudioaw14 at their store in Hamburg.

My friend A. and I decided to meet a bit earlier to walk around Hamburg and catch up before entering head first into the madness which the H&M shop in Hamburg would surely be when 9 PM came.

With clear skies and all lit up, Hamburg was looking amazing. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Hamburg Rathaus

Hamburg Rathausplatz
Hamburg Rathaus
Hamburg old lamp post
Look at that sky!
Hamburg Alsterhaus
And finally our destination…

It promised to be quite the event with live DJs, snacks and bubbly to accompany the thirsty guests on their hunt for the perfect outfit.

It didn’t disappoint.

As we arrived, a premiere-like red carpet and a line of excited guests were ready waiting for us. Shortly after we were greeted by cheery staff, and lead into a completely different world, bloggers’ heaven, where waiters would politely ask you if’ they could refill your glass or bring you something to eat, and selfies were the main currency. Shame the line was so long for the photo booth tho!
(Sorry in advance for the quality of the images, it was so much fun that I forgot completely about my camera and all I’ve got are a few phone shots!)

Champagne glass at InStyle Germany & H&M Pre-Shopping party 2014

As I walked in this glass magically appeared in my hand…amazing!
Snacks at the InStyle and H&M Pre-Shopping party in Hamburg

And these cuties were calling my name, baby pancakes (aren’t I a name-making genious!?), with brie slices and salami. The perfect two-bite combination of sweet and savory.

DJ at the InStyle and H&M Pre-Shopping party in Hamburg
Decor at the InStyle and H&M Pre-Shopping party in Hamburg
InStyle and H&M Pre-Shopping party in Hamburg

And of course it is not a Fashion party without the presence of macaroons!
Macaroons at the InStyle & H&M Pre-Shopping Party in Hamburg
Definitely an unforgettable experience. Can’t wait for the next!

But enough about the party, the important thing are the clothes right? Well, the new H&M Studio Collection was a shocking experience, in the best of ways. Vibrant colours: red, fucsia, orange,… out of the ordinary fabrics: red leather, white/cream faux fur, lace and leather, jeans and leather…, and crazy patterns, for the adventurous people. And a combination of soft fabrics and navy blues, greys, and browns with classic cut in armless shirts and dresses for the more traditional souls. But I have to admit what my favourite part as it couldn’t be any other way was the: POLKADOTS! They were everywhere! So if you’re a polkadot lover like me, this season is your season. Oh and almost forgot, oversized coats! Perfect for my beloved onion style ^^

Here are my picks from the new H&M Studio Collection A/W14.

Asymetrical Dress #HMStudioCollectionAW14
Asymetric Dress (39.99€)
Satin Shorts #HMStudioCollectionAW14
Satin Shorts (49.99€)
Woolmix Blazer #HMStudioCollectionAW14
Wool mix Blazer (99€)

And I fell in love with a bag, but I can’t find it online so you’ll have to believe me when I say it was…deliciously big and comfortably small. I know, I know, how can that be? Well, for someone who’s not used to big bags, it was big but not so big it gets annoying ^^

Where you also there?? What have been your picks from this season’s H&M Studio Collection??


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P.S. Oh and thanks to H&M and InStyle Germany for the invitation and the lovely gifts! These made my train ride back to Bremen without my tablet a lot more enjoyable!

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