Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid

Smoothie bowls, juices, frapês, smoothies, brain shots, fresh salads, even eco-cocktails. Whatever it is you are looking for, Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid has you covered. And not just that but, Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid is also a wonderful place for creative freelancers to work from.

Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | WanderwingsMadrid’s own green bar recently opened its doors in the popular district of Barrio de Salamanca, after the great success of its mothership in the Spanish city of Gijón. With their delicious eco and organic products, they are quickly becoming a staple among the health conscious in the city.

Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings

Besides its extensive offer of healthy and organic products, what makes of Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid a perfect option for the day-to-day life in this busy city are its great location – just a few minutes away by foot from the centric park El Retiro – and its opening hours. From very early morning till late in the evening they cater for everyone who is in need of a pick-me-up during the day. And a visit to their store feels almost like taking a short spontaneous getaway to a Caribbean beach bar. It’s all thanks to its chill atmosphere and the wonderful interior design. Fruits and vegetables, plants, greens and blues remind the visitor of tropical islands like the Bahamas, St. Lucia or Jamaica.

Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings

How do I know all this? Well, last time I was home I decided to treat my mum to a nice smoothie. That way we would get to try the latest addition to the healthy eating scene in town while re-energizing ourselves. We went for the Maui (pineapple, raspberries or strawberries, mango and goji berries) and the Glow (orange, mango and carrots) smoothies. The delicious aroma of the freshly-made-before-our-eyes smoothies spread through the small central location only added even more tropical feel to the already paradisiacal bar.

Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid | Wanderwings

I paid and we took a seat in one of the side tables, where we chatted and enjoyed our energizing drinks before heading out to finish our errands.

If you want to be transported to paradise without having to catch a plane, stop by Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid (or their mothership in Gijón). If either of them is too far away, you can also check their products for inspiration HERE.

Rawcoco Green Bar Madrid

C/ General Pardiñas 21, 28001 Madrid


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