Schmetterlinghaus Vienna

Yesterday I left you as we wandered off the typical path onto Schmetterlinghaus Wien (The Imperial Butterfly House Vienna).

If there’s butterflies and beautiful flowers we are in and this time was no exception. We walked through the door and immediately were greeted by a friendly lady, who invited us in (after paying the fee of course).

The first impression is warm and moist but as soon as you get used to it, a beautiful set of tropical flowers are waiting there. Pinks, reds, greens… of the most amazing tones, everywhere.

A bit further in a children-hand-sized butterfly is chilling on a plant,

Schmetterlinghaus Wien

while a bunch of smaller ones are eating off a plate with fruit.

In the meantime some more are flying around.

Schmetterlinghaus Wien

Then you turn around and brown owl-like eyes are looking at you from the plants around the corner. Impressive mechanism of defense, may I say!

Schmetterlinghaus Wien

But not only the butterflies are wonderful, the surroundings take you to another land. Jungle, waterfals, lianas…selvatic

And the flowers, don’t even get me started on the flowers…

Anyhow, for 4€ (student price) you get to walk around a beautifully set tropical forest greenhouse, where butterflies of all colours, shapes, and sizes fly around freely, what else can you ask for?

And when (if) you get tired of so many butterflies and pretty flowers, or the heath beats you, you can head over next door to Palmenhaus Café for a snack and a coffee.


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