Style: Layered Pink & Black

Layered Style

This time of the year tends to get rather unpredictable. One second its blue skies and sunshine and the next is the universal downpour falling on you. For that reason I like to be prepared.

By prepared I mean that for this in between weather I find it rather useful to wear layers in case it gets colder/warmer throughout the day so I don’t have to freeze or boil. That’s what I call being prepared for everything 🙂
This is a sample of what my ideal layered style would look like this season. Pinks, blacks and golds combined with washed off jeans. Ant these booties…, oh these booties are something I’ve been dreaming about (and looking for everywhere) for the past couple of years but I can never find the right fit…so if you have a tip, it’d be greatly appreciated.



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