A Day at the Moesgaard Viking Moot in Denmark

What today is the oldest Viking Moot in Denmark (and possibly the world) started back in the 70s. However, then it was just a series of workshops on Viking artisan crafts taught at Moesgård beach outside of Aarhus. Over time, people got curious and more and more visitors started arriving throughout the years, including “warriors” (and when I say warriors, I mean curious souls like myself with an undying love for all things Viking and Scandinavian ^^) from all over the world.

Now-a-days more than 20,000 of those brave warriors from far away lands come to the Moesrgård Viking Moot to take part on the battles, delight themselves with the sweet flavour of the viking Met (honey wine) as well as gather new garments for their coming festivities. Or something like that. Alternatively they just want to spend a nice day out with family and friends.

A line of Viking warriors waiting to charge, standing on a field under som trees

The Moesgård Viking Moot as we know it today, dates from 1977, and celebrated its 40th anniversary back in 2017. Same year Århus was the European Capital of Culture!

Anyhow, back when I was living in Århus, I called some friends and made a day of our visit to the Moesgaard Viking Moot. We met at Banegårdspadsen, where we took the bus number 100 to Odder Routebilstation, and about 30 mins. later (stop: Oddervej/Moesgård Alle) we were in Moesgård.

Dozens of old-timer cars were parked left and right as we passed by. I have to admit we went there quite late, as we were all relatively lazy, so it was already quite busy. For a quieter time, I would highly recommend arriving early in the morning.

We weren’t all that sure how we would find the right place. Luckily, to get to the Moesgaard Viking Moot, all you have to do is follow the signs through the Moesgård Forest all the way to the beach. It’s a magical place. Walking around the narrow paths, running into a fairy party or a druid wouldn’t have surprised me in the least. There’s something about Danish forests, ancient trees, the whisper of the leaves caressed by the sea breeze. They’ve seen so much history.

River flowing among the forest trees

As we walked, we chatted merrily, until we reached our destination. 100s of people dressed in Viking costumes. Children and adults alike. Icelandic and Danish horses everywhere. The smell of the battle was in the air, well, the battle was about to start! We had made it in time for the first re-enactment of the day! We hurried to a higher point and got our cameras and eyes ready for what was about to happen. How incredible it is, I cannot describe with words. It is a fun day I can highly recommend anyone who enjoys a nice day out and artisan fairs.

Vikings ready for battle
Viking warriors in battle
Vikings in Battle in fron of a barn

After the warriors had finally buried the hatchet, we set on to explore the neighbouring Viking Moot in search for some Viking delicacies. Everything they sell at the market is artisanal and made the old ways. Whether it’s leather goods or food, you’ll see them making it in front of you!

Bellies full, we took a stroll around Moesgård beach (one of my all time favourite spots in Århus by the way) and made our way home.

Oldest Viking Moot in Denmark (and possibly the world) in Moesgaard (Aarhus) || Wanderwings

The Moesgaard Viking Moot is organised every year by the Moesgård Museum, and it has quickly become one of the biggest events in the area, with about 600 Vikings (300 of them warriors for the battles) taking part, and keeps on growing every year. This Viking Moot is one of the many wonderful events taking place in Århus during the summer months, so surely you’ll find something to keep you entertained.

Useful Information about the Moesgaard Viking Moot

When and where does it take place:

You can find the Viking Moot every year on the last weekend of July, or whichever date closest to the feast day of St. Olaf ( 28th of July), in Moesgård Strand.

Entry fee:

Adults: DKK 140,- // ca. 19€
Students: DKK 110,- // ca. 15€
Children up to 18 years old: free

Tickets can be bought online, at the entrance or at Moesgaard Museum.

How to get there by public transport:
  1. Bus 31 from the Bus Terminal to the Moesgaard beach (Moesgård strand). Walk 700 m by coastal path.
  2. Bus 18 from the Bus Terminal to Moesgaard Museum. Walk 2,2 km to the market by forest paths.
Transport Ticket Options:

A single ticket costs 22.- (Danish Crowns). Alternatively if you’ll be staying for a bit longer in the city there are two options that come out at a lower price, the Klippekort (10 trip card) that costs 170.- (which you can by from 7/11 across central station, and the monthly card (Periodekort) which is valid for 30 days and unlimited trips within the region for 380.-.

Alternatively, you can get a 24, 48, 72 hours Tourist Card for 80.-, 120.- or 160.- respectively for unlimited travel within the city for the set amount of time.

You can buy all yout tickets online for an easier to use experience and find more information here.

The Viking Moot is open from 10 am to 5 pm with viking battle re-enactments a couple times a day! If you miss this year’s, make sure to pencil it into your calendar for next one!

Have you guys ever been to the Viking Moot in Moesgård or a similar one somewhere else? Did you enjoy it?

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