#ThrowBackThursday: New York

New york city

You’ve probably seen already all the pictures that are to be seen of New York.

Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

And sadly I have not much new to show you, but I had quite an exciting time in NY, from Grand Central to getting lost in Central Park. Rooftop bars, and 1$ pizza places in Time’s Square, and to top it all off a ghost whisperer luggage keeper.

After a long flight from San Francisco (& pt II) to NY Newark, I went on to search for a luggage storage facility in the city. After leaving my things and wandering a bit around Manhattan, I headed to Grand Central to meet an old friend with whom I’d be staying the night (in CT).

Grand Central, NYWalked around, chatting and catching up, tried to visit the MoMA (which is free on Fridays) but the line was so long we soon gave up and continued wandering. Until hunger got the best out of us so we headed to this little pizza place off Time’s Square where they offered amazingly good pizza slices and a drink for as little as 1$ a pop! We ordered our food and found us a table outside to enjoy the people watching opportunities only big cities like New York bring, when a group a youngsters approached us, they wanted to “hang out” (a.k.a. please buy us alcohol, we are underage kind of hang out), after they left a couple rappers came up and asked us to review their new album and headed their own way. After our on-the-go delicious dinner we decided it was time for a fancy evening activity, a rooftop cocktail bar! Of course, one can’t go to New York and not go to a rooftop bar! Our rooftop bar of choice was the Mad 46 on top of the Roosevelt Hotel in the heart of Manhattan. Small but classy, with attentive waiters and a high end atmosphere difficult to top. Decorated as if it was a garden, groups of newyorkers sat in the comfy wooden benches while drinking their cocktails. Laughing and sharing stories. (Sadly the photos from this wonderful place were lost when my phone died a few years back). After a couple of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever tasted we headed ourselves back to Grand Central to our night commute to Connecticut.The next morning, I waved goodbye to my dear friend as I was making my way back to Manhattan for the last few hours of my amazing time in the USA.I did some of the usual stuff Staten Island, getting lost in Central Park and deciding it was easier to just sit under a tree with a book and chill for a while, eat a hot dog from a cart, and of course as a good Friends fan a visit to the legendary Friends apartment building (corner of Bedford & Groove St.) could not be missing, and of course 5th Ave. By the end of the day I was so exhausted that I realised it wouldn’t be very hard to sleep on the floor at JFK Airport for my very very early morning flight. And with that thought in my mind I headed back to the luggage storage facility, where I met the most random person, the keeper. A young woman who’d apparently spent so much time alone that she was convinced the luggage storage facility building was hunted and that the ghosts talked to her when there was no one around. What a way to end up what was one of the experiences of my life, with a bang.

All the flights for this trip were with American Airlines/ British Airways, and I have to say, service 100% worth it and almost no problems at all!So, that was it (for now) on my #ThrowBackThursday Travel Series USA. Next weeks I’ll be back in European soil with more adventures to share with you. Portugal here we go!

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