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[:en]August’s Edition of Wanderwings’ Traveller of the Month will take us all the way to the Midwest to meet Samantha from Samantha en Route. The born and bred midwestern will tell us a bit more about her travels, so keep on reading this month’s inspiring traveller.

I was born in Illinois but my family moved to Wisconsin when I was 11, so I’ve always been a Midwestern girl. I’m currently living in the greater Milwaukee area.

My mom is from India (even though we don’t look like it) and I’ve been visiting India every few years since I was nine months old. In college I minored in Spanish, so I decided to take my last year and spend it in Santiago de Compostela, Spain – more for traveling than for studying Spanish. In that year I hopped around 7 countries on breaks and during long weekends and had the time of my life! I’ve always loved travel but studying in Europe made me even thirstier for adventure.

I would have to say my most memorable experience would be my spring break in Italy and Paris while I studied abroad. Nobody would come with me as everyone else was from Europe already and just wanted to go home for a week, so I (being an introvert at heart) happily planned my every move for my week away. I bought all my monument tickets in advance and did whatever I wanted to. I went to Florence and Pisa for a day, and even spent a night in Paris because there was a nonstop flight from Rome. I had so much fun just being on my own and loved not having to share it with anyone  #sorrynotsorry

Going to India for Christmas!!!

Surround yourself with travel, meaning, use maps as decorations, get a compass necklace, watch Rick Steves and every other travel show – seeing new places and keeping your obsession alive is sooo much fun and will always keep you thinking of new places to go and provide you with a bit of information before taking off.
I’ll be going to India this December and I haven’t been there for about 13 years, and I’ve also never seen the Taj Mahal so that’s definitely on my list for while my family and I are there. We’ll be based in Hyderabad so we’re currently figuring out our itinerary for including the Taj as well. Soooo excited!!
Thanks Samantha for such an interesting interview! 😀 If you want to know more, or ask her any other questions, you can reach her on her blog and/or through Twitter, Instagram & FacebookAnd if you are a traveller yourself and would like to be featured on Wanderwings’ Traveller of the Month, drop me an email at henar@wanderwings.com! I’m always in the lookout for new and inspiring travellers to feature! ^^



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    Allison @ Head Elsewhere
    August 8, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Very jealous of Samantha’s India adventures, will be sure to check out her blog!

    xx Allison

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