Vienna Take Three

As some of you may know by now, if you’ve been following me on Intagram, I’ll be heading to Vienna soon for a short vacation/adventure.

I’ll be visiting friends, taking lots of photos (at the VIMUN 2014 Edition) and trying to enjoy my week in Vienna as much as possible.

From northern Germany the best two options to reach the Austrian capital as Germania from Bremen Airport, which flies twice per week on Thursdays and Sundays, and Niki Airlines (Air Berlin) from Hanover Airport with daily flights at least four times per day.

And as always I’m having some time packing…surprise surprise! Tho there are a couple things I could never travel without. These are the contents of my bag:

1. Camera: Well I’m on a photo-trip and I’m a photo-junkie…need I say more??

2. Tablet: For those long hours waiting at airports or on the plane, a tablet can come in handy.

3. Phone (not pictured): Need to keep in touch with family and friends while away, right??

4. Water: Because hydration is #1 priority, even more so in hot summer days

5. Vitamin E Face Mist (The Body Shop): Plain air leaves your skin very dry, with this spray you leave the cabin fresh as if you were never there.

6. Earphones: I use these beautiful Pioneer earphones when I have to go to the gym or travel. They have this lovely case that protects them and don’t take almost any space.

7. Wallet: This Mango purse has been a loyal companion of mine for the past half year, it has enough compartments that I can keep all the different things I need to take with me organised.

8: Passport: And the lovely passport camera cover, a Christmas present from my brother and his girl.

9: Sunglasses: Because I may need them at some point, you never know πŸ˜‰

What are the things you can’t go on a trip without??

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