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Wanderwings is a growing short trip, off-season and slow travel website and community for the young at heart. My readers are active international people who thrive on new adventures and enjoy the small big things in life. Be it fulfilling a life-long dream of learning to surf, or exploring the side streets and alleyways of the lesser known bits of Europe. A relaxing day at the spa, cultural escapades or dirty but fun mud-sliding adventures. Whatever makes life a bit brighter (if it is conscious and sustainable) they are in. Slow travelling and memorable experiences are their top priority. If you’re looking for a website and writer that targets a wide audience of people who have a limited amount of time to travel but are still interested in enjoying life at its best, then Wanderwings is the perfect partner for you.

Wanderwings in Bavaria

Content Creation, Photography and Videography

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you are looking for high-quality content in English and/or Spanish, photography and/or video for your business. With a degree in English and more than 10 years of experience in photography and video production, I can create high quality content tailored to your brand’s needs. Whether it is social media specific content or assets for your company’s website, I’ve got you covered.

How to make the most of a week in Istria (Croatia) | Wanderwings

Press Trips, Activities, and Partnerships

The high-quality images, and interesting and engaging stories take my readers along with me to the most colourful and culture-filled places. There’s no better more fun way to showcase your tour, destination, product, or business than on Wanderwings.

I’m open to product, activity, and destination reviews, as well as other destination based partnerships, and brand ambassadorships. Additionally, I am also open to considering certain honest sponsored posts if I find your product or service fits my readers’ interests.

All comped or discounted activities and sponsored posts will include a disclosure notice and will be marked as such.

Hostel Review: Hostel ROOM Rotterdam
Hotel Review: Djurönaset: A Relaxing Getaway in Stockholm’s Archipelago

Partnership: Learning to Surf at Surf School Lanzarote (Surf School Lanzarote)
Partnership: Visiting CACT Lanzarote & Cesar Manrique’s Legacy (CACT & Tourism Lanzarote)
Brand Ambassador: 4WD Safari in Sierra Nevada (Tinggly Experiences)
Social Media Takeovers: (Travelex UK) & Female Travel Bloggers
Miniatur Wunderland (Hamburg)
4 Amazing Rooftop Bars in Madrid 

Fenix Food Factory (Rotterdam)
An Affordable Weekend in Rotterdam
Mercado de San Antón (Madrid)
5 Things to do in Cairns (Australia)
How to Make the Most of a Week in Lanzarote
How to Make the Most of a Week in Madeira

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